Independent theatre performance!

Posted on September 10, 2006


El Tamey Theatre Group invites you to their new musical play Thawret Ala’a, roughly translated as Revolution of the mind. This play is their fourth production, having come into existence in 2002 with the play El Diouf or The Guests.

The group’s attention then turned to musical performance. El Tamey Wahed Wel Shagar Alwan or Same Soil, Different Harvest is a compilation of Ahmed Fouad Negm, Naguib Sorour, Beiram El Tounosy and Samir A. Baky poems, complemented by Sheikh Emam and Adly Fakhry’s music. Their third production was Mosabka or The Contest in 2005.

Now “Thawret Ala’a” returns to the medium of music. This show is the product of several workshops conducted by the players. The musical discusses man questioning everything around him with his restless mind, even his own existence.

The music is composed by Tamer Abou Ghazala and the play is written and directed by Salam Yousry.

Come out on the 12th and 13th of September, 9 p.m., to the new Town House Rawabet theatre. This is the theatre’s opening performance. See map for location.

Salam Yousry is a friend, and I’m super excited to see him perform…he’s brilliant, I’m told, so come and see him too!