Posted on September 5, 2006


Well, it seems that my professional destruction is continuing apace. Every Monday we have a training seminar. Last week I mentioned a judge pulling something out of his ass. Today, our instructor asked us how we would write an appeal submission without having been given reasons for rejection. I replied, “carpetbombing.”

With an utterly blank, yet longsuffering, look on his face the guy said, “OK, and what else?” One of my collegues asked, “What’s carpetbombing?”

I said, “It’s when you just make every argument in the hopes that one of them will work, since you don’t know what the issue is.”

The seminar leader said, “Oh…I thought you mean a real carpetbomb.”

I was puzzled, and then said aghast, “You mean…with violence?!”

My collegue said, “Just shows what he thinks of you.” Ha. Ha. Ha. Another guy laughed. I would not say something like that, however unreined my tongue is. That’s just alarming, and I take the training seriously. But I muttered anyway, “Yeah, I guess it’s the sort of thing I would say…” just because I did not want to make a sharp comeback.

I feel foolish and generally loserly. I should look into shutting up.