Posted on March 21, 2009


So I’ve been unemployed for 21 days now. They’ve gone by really quickly, what with a trip to Sinai, a visit from Joy, planning a birthday party complete with treasure hunt, and intensive sitting around and TV watching. Every day I look for a job, and it’s not going well. I feel like I need advice, because a7a neikness is taking place. What I’m basically doing is pursuing three separate tracks:

1) Finding some kind of non-profit, human rights type job here in Egypt. In other words, a vaguely legal non-corporate commercial job. Local NGOs and organizations offer a pittance and I want nothing to do with anything that’s not organized at the highest level of competency. So, not most of those. Also, not being a member of the Egyptian bar has proved unhelpful. But none of the jobs are good enough for me to consider that arduous road. So unless I can find a job with an international organization (I do have an interview with the UNHCR, which I hear is in a state of considerable disarray with employees quitting in droves) I’m going to have to give up on this one.

2) Finding a job abroad. This is obviously huge. I’m seeing lots of great jobs advertised, particularly in the United States. Working in human rights abroad definitely seems to require bar membership, especially in the U.S. Is this a good time, however, to plan what would be a grand scale life move? It would involve taking the NY or Massachusetts bars at considerable expense, sorting out work visas and the like, and basically moving there. Sounds OK actually – I guess I’ve done the expected two years here and now experience the predicted longing to get the hell out. But what kind of job would be so awesome that I would be OK living there without friends (except for the ever delightful Droodle, the best American I’ve ever been friends with)? Alternatively, I could look into short-term fellowships and such. That would be cool, but seem very hard to find.

3) Recognizing that with the western economies in the shitter I might as well stay here, with loved ones and good weather, and take a corporate law job. Hey, the experience is always in demand, the money’s good, it’s easy, and I can revisit abroad-moving in another year or so (or however long it takes for them to put the world back together).

It’s gonna have to be option 3, isn’t it? At any rate I’m going to Kuwait for a couple weeks soon and I’ll be able to think about things (soberly) there and not do a damn thing for myself.

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