25 things you probably know about me because I talk about myself a lot

Posted on February 9, 2009


Sorry to regurgitate facebook content, people.

1. I can’t ride a bike or drive a car. I don’t believe in two wheeled vehicles and I am terrified of driving.
2. I’ve never seen a single James Bond or Indiana Jones movie.
3. I don’t like Pink Floyd or U2 and I’m not ashamed.
4. I enjoy crocheting. I used to make hats and scarves for myself.
5. I know a surprising amount about Regency society in England from reading romance novels.
6. I hate baldness but love really short buzz cuts. The voluntary nature is key.
7. The amount of unmitigated joy that 30 rock gives me actually makes me worry about the state of my brain.
8. My ideal job would be a criminal defense or tort lawyer in a warm place that has common law. It would be even better to effectively work in women’s rights here but I am too lazy to put in the work to learn enough Arabic, enroll in university, become accredited and then struggle with the stagnant legal system.
9. When things are happening, I write blog posts in my head about them a lot.
10. My favourite alcohol is vodka.
11. Ever since my decades long “psychological” constipation ceased, I haven’t quite worked out how to poop like a normal human. I can’t figure out when it’s ready, or when I’m done, and such.
12. I actually remember taking my first step. No one believes me but I do!
13. I don’t respect people who like Paulo Coelho.
14. I could never date a vegetarian.
15. Teal is my favourite colour (right now).
16. On my way to work (when that’s happening) I always listen to Bob Dylan’s “Tambourine Man” and Sam Roberts’ “This wreck of a life”. I sing along quietly.
17. I’ve never really liked my name but I guess it’s a lot better than others. At least everyone can say it and it’s religiously ambiguous.
18. I don’t like dogs. I don’t understand how people see no problem with doing things for their pets that they wouldn’t do for family members.
19. When I’m cutting up onions, I pretend that I’m really crying because a super sad thing has happened and say appropriate lines while sniffling and wiping tears away. “She was so young!”
20. I’d rather have good friends than a good boyfriend, but I still have a hos before bros policy.
21. I am relatively terrified of children but I guess I’ll have some just because I can. I’m sure after a while it’ll seem like I need to make people, not just poos, with my body.
22. I still use msn messenger, chiefly to chat to my parents.
23. I’m not afraid of reptiles or insects in any special way (i.e. only the vast and poisonous ones).
24. I love doctors and hospitals. They can fix things.
25. I’m pretty level-headed in emergencies.

Phew. I’ll do anything to avoid working, innit.

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