Day 3: Regression

Posted on January 13, 2009


Day 3 isn’t nearly over yet but so far it’s started off with a bang: me slamming my bedroom door in anger when my mother asked me who I’ve been hanging out with in the past year that I’ve gotten so impatient and aggressive. According to my mother, I used to be gentle. This is patently false: the only person I am ever gentle with is my sister. Probably this is where she got the idea.
There is nothing that drives me crazier than having my actions attributed to my friends. I have had most of my friends for many years and they’re all a hell of a lot more patient and gentle than I ever was and I count them all as positive influences on my character. My dad also thought the remark was provoking.
It is worth admitting though that I am a lot more impatient with my parents than I am with everyone else. You know how it is: everything they say is coloured by the memory of years of similar remarks. It’s hard to listen without thinking in your head: well, this is typical of how she always…
I find it difficult to grant them the benefit of the doubt I grant other people, even though they are two of the sweetest and most loving parents alive, who bear with my childish moods with admirable composure. I will strive to do better. It’s hard to though, with my mother, who unfortunately is rather startlingly ignorant. Very smart but wildly uninformed about pretty much anything, having been wrapped up for her entire life in nothing but corrosion and the spiritual realm. I have to quell my irritation though. It’s not right.

OK, good daughtering, let’s go!

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