It’s not that I haven’t the time to blog…

Posted on December 12, 2008


…it’s just that I have been wondering, for several months now, why on earth anyone would want to read this thing. I’ve been thinking about writing a lot (oh how navel-gazy) and have come to the conclusion that neither now or ever will I have anything worth saying, any actual knowledge or information, or even a stylish way of saying nothing (also a good and marketable skill). I’m not fishing for compliments here…I really feel as though I struggle for words, flounder even to express things that are clear in my head. Therefore, I ought not to be blogging.

The initial idea behind this blog, however, was never to inform: it was that the content should be humorous. Whether or not I succeeded, I rarely find anything these days to be so funny that it needs to be reproduced for complete strangers. I don’t do much, even less than I used to, and really, does anyone need to hear about the doings of a bunch of 20-somethings in Cairo? So snoozy. Nothing unique about it. I mean, I was thinking about blogging about how bummed out I am that my friends are all leaving Egypt and making some ill-informed odiously pretentious reflection on how inevitable it is, how typical and traditional, the economy, identity issues and all that shit but how impossibly maudlin, right? And, after all, this blog isn’t exactly anonymous anymore so there are vast quantities of scandalous things that I can’t possibly report, even about my own life. It’s a real shame, there’s been some good shit.

Apart from that, I got nothing. The thoughts just die in a puddle of lameness.

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