The Office

Posted on August 27, 2008


Colleague: (accusingly) So, what’s going on with your eyebrows?
Me: (smoothing them down) Oh. Yeah. They’re not so bad. I was going to go get them done tomorrow.
Colleague: You mean we have to put up with them looking like that for another 24 hours?
Me: Yes! It’s biweekly!
Colleague: Biweekly! Eyebrows need semi-daily maintenance!
Me: Fuck that!
Colleague: I mean at home.
Me: I DO groom them semi-daily! I can also teach you how to thread off your mustache.
Colleague: No, thank you.

I am really growing quite alarmed…something is going on with this hair growth! Last time I was on my way to the salon, I SWEAR I felt the breeze ruffle my arm hair. Ruffly arm hair two weeks after having it ripped out from the root! I made this observation to the hair removal woman at the salon and she obligingly laughed.
Luckily most of my friends aren’t as rude as said colleague. She did take my lecture on eye make up with equanimity though, especially for a boss.
Or –
This whole conversation could have only struck me as funny because I caught a cold last night from being at a laughable sweaty Queen tribute concert. AC my ass, and it’s not anyone who can play Bohemian Rhapsody, my friends. I’ll review that when I feel a bit better.

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