I’m in Egypt Today

Posted on July 6, 2008


…in a surprisingly opinionated article about bloggers, by one Hassan Hassan, who I believe I have met. The article is called “Scene and Heard: the slightly more frivolous side of the internet” and is mostly about…guess. I got an email from a reader telling me I was mentioned, and in completely unfounded excitement ran out of my office in the heat and spent L.E. 15 on a copy. My mention was contained in the following two paragraphs:

Egyptian bloggers are writing about their feelings as well as their politics. On forsoothsayer.blogspot.com, for example, the female blogger shares everything from her excretory patterns to stories about her boyfriend and the trials and tribulations of living in Egypt, while also being witty and relatively interesting to read.

The crumbs from your table, sir.

Political blogging aside, a crop of Egyptians seem intent on using the internet for slightly more frivolous albeit just as important personal communication. Sites such as Forsoothsayer usually have at least one taxi story, a drunk story and a look-at-the-sorry-state-of-Egypt. Bloggers like Sandmonkey, Mademoiselle HH and a selection of others all regale us with tales of life in Egypt (often with an overtly political message). These blogs mostly consist of snippets of amusing anecdotes, vented frustrations and stories of basic day-to-day life in Egypt. While they have their merits, is their life really that interesting? Not to every reader, but to this new generation, yes it is.

Zing! I got burned (along with this new generation)! Nice one, Hassan. It’s totally true as well. Check out the July issue for what he had to say about Egyptian bloggers in general, most of which was highly caustic but undoubtedly accurate. Page 48. No, they’re not paying me (every time I bring up Egypt Today people tell me how high the turnover of journalists is because of their poor management, or allude to the low pay).

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