Obstinate Lions

Posted on May 28, 2008


Leo: There are numerous subjects that should not be breached on the first few dates.

Me: Broached. I’m annoying sa7?

Leo: Both work actually. It’s a border that you’re not allowed to breach.

Me: Yeah you can breach lines and rules and barriers…

Leo: Exactly, these subjects are barriers that aren’t to be broken.

Me: You meant broach, as in: touched upon.

Leo: Nope!

Me: Yes you did! You cannot breach a subject. To breach a subject you have to go through it and cross to the other side. Once you use the word subject, it’s broach.

Leo: It’s the border around the subject that’s in question. And to broach the subject, you have to breach the border.

Me: Nice try, but no. It’s an established phrase.

Leo: In your fantasy world it is.

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