Ornaments to the Bar

Posted on May 27, 2008


In an effort to free myself from my internet addiction and do some work so that they don’t fire me, I have been leaving my laptop behind for two days. Within minutes of my arrival at work today I was gasping for google chat, Facebook, and general fucking about. I asked Mystic Mo if I could borrow his laptop for some therapeutic tomfoolery. With great joy he refused, even thought it’s just sitting there unused on his desk playing “music”. He might stop working soon, and then he’d want it, he said.
“Mana 3andi beta3i, harawa7 ageebo!’ I said indignantly.
“Ma beta3i mawgood,” he smirked.
“I knew you would say that!’
Luckily I am fond of filthy innuendo and any situation that leads to the deployment of the word “Boo-ya!” even if only in my head. The Podophobiac prefers “zing!” but I think we’re in agreement that that’s simply gay.
It is lucky that at some previous point of deprivation I persuaded the all-knowing IT guys to let me access Blogger from my work computer.