Spend the Iraq trillions

Posted on May 11, 2008


This site allows you to go on a 3 trillion dollar shopping spree – the money spent illegally occupying Iraq and killing Iraqis for no purpose whatsoever. I have spent and spent, healing the environment, potable water for all, end to world hunger, mosquito nets for everyone in Africa, global literacy, free birth control and birth control education, and I’ve still spent only $172,823,750,100.

I haven’t been so sad about the world for a long time. Why, why, why do these people want to kill others rather than help them? Is America in so much danger that they have to speed up the end of the world and global death, not just directly kill Iraqis? Money they don’t even have! How COULD they? How can they sleep at night having scourged the world like this?