I have been given a sign

Posted on April 4, 2008


I spent three years working on my law school’s newspaper (I have posted the occasional article), and recently they put out an 80th anniversary issue where they gathered momentous (or so I vainly assume) pieces from the 1920s through to now, and they included TWO of mine! Leaders of Canadian political parties were passed over entirely. There was even one piece which was a collaboration with someone else, and they cut his bit out and left mine (well, his bit was about sports and mine was about scandal, so duh). I do think my writing has come along since then, however – every time I read anything I wrote during law school it seems like I wrote it under the influence of powerful drugs, but it was just the stress and misery.

The issue was great in general and awakened mild nostalgia in me – it is pretty awesome to have been part of such a long tradition. It is the only weekly law school newspaper in Canada…but wait, this is getting boring and arcane! But the bitchy [sics] from the editors, the inside jokes, the strident legal debate, the fact that the words “fuck” and “shit” are joyfully scattered over every issue since the 1980s, the way they only featured ads from past issues for alcohol, condoms and tampons – good times.