Posted on March 30, 2008


Sorry for the long absence – it seems that my employers have decided to justify my paycheck, to the detriment of the blog. No signs of it letting up either. Can none of you offer me a job writing? Because it has become clear that corporate law is not for me (not least because my bosses told me how bad I was at it, very kindly and politely but nevertheless clearly, and that I needed to start paying attention, all of which is quite true).

Anyway, a friend of mine just showed me this This appears to be blogging taken to a whole other level – it appears that, somewhere out there, there are people whose every thought is deemed to be entertaining and people actually subscribe to be updated with the idle, passing thoughts of persons who might be entirely unknown to them. Naturally, I would like to be thought of in this way but regrettably my ego has not attained such heights. No, no, I won’t be persuaded! Thank you, that’s very flattering but I couldn’t possibly.

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