Questions of life

Posted on March 17, 2008


Things I often wonder about:

  • Why technology has taken people to the moon, yet I have rarely sat at a restaurant table that was even. I’m sitting at a wonky one as I write.
  • Why it seems to boggle the capabilities of science to manufacture a woman’s dress shirt that does not gape open at the boob. Women have had 1) jobs 2) boobs for a while now. Can they not put in some tucks? Or is it only flat chicks that can pursue gainful employment?
  • Egyptian service providers such as internet providers, satellite TV vendors etc. always want to come and collect their fees at a time when anyone would be at work. 2 pm on a Wednesday? Why, of course. I’ll be sitting on the couch. How do they think we pay for their services?
  • Why many parts of the developed world have created no mechanisms of butt cleansing that do not involve contorting oneself with inadequate pieces of toilet paper, while their less fortunate peers in countries like this one sit in princely splendour having their anus washed. But I suppose I have documented this inquiry before.