The dashing of hopes and dreams

Posted on March 8, 2008


I’ve been talking for years about writing a book – sometimes it’s a super smart chick lit novel a la Jennifer Crusie, but since I have no imagination most of the time it’s a series of humorous short stories in the style of David Sedaris. But with an Arab chick angle and occasionally insightful cross-cultural anecdotes and salacious stories etc. However, unfortunately this has just been done by one Amy Mowafi, whose book is called ‘Fe-mail: the trials and tribulations of being a Good Egyptian Girl’, published by an Egyptian outfit called Supreme Publications.

This is what is says on the facebook group dedicated to the publication:

Originally published in Enigma magazine, this witty, wicked compilation of articles will strike a cheeky chord with a generation of young Arab women who suspect there’s more to life than playing nice and being good!

“Fe-mail is the Arab world’s answer to Sex and the City and Amy Mowafi really is our very own Carrie Bradshaw.”
May Abdel Asim, Managing Editor, What Women Want Magazine

“A hilarious and shockingly honest insight into a real Egyptian woman’s heart, mind and soul. Amy Mowafi is a funny, sincere and gifted writer.”
Mona Afifi, Editorial Director, Diva Magazine

“Skillfully combines a sarcastic wit with a disarming self-depreciating honesty. This book will garner quite a following from both men and women alike.”
Adel Heine, Alter Ego magazine

“Fe-mail is always the desert at the end of Enigma magazine. Amy Mowafi’s style is impeccably real and fresh. She can put into words the feelings that any girl who is trying to be mad bad and dangerous to know (but can’t because she’s too cute) experiences but can’t quite express. She’s the wittiest, funniest, glam addict I know!”
Sherine Abdel Rassoul, Editor-in-Chief, G Mag.

Amy Mowafi’s facility to extract the marrow from her unwitting subjects is both surgical and uncanny; her sly humour is her anaesthesia – Beware!”
Beeaje Quick, Author & Filmmaker

“Amy possesses a true talent and a very promising future. Her writing will continue to delight for many years to come.”
Dr. Adbdulrahman Azzam, Author & Publisher

“Because of this book, Amy will never find a nice Egyptian man who is willing to marry her.”
Amy Mowafi’s mother

Author’s Bio:
Amy Mowafi – a not-so-good Egyptian girl who was born and bred in England – is Senior Editor at Enigma magazine, the Arab world’s leading English lifestyle publication. Various magazines (in England and Egypt) have been publishing her self-indulgent writing since 1998. Currently based in Cairo she moved to Egypt (the Motherland) after graduating from The University of Bath with an entirely pointless B.Sc. (Hons.) in Business Administration. She also has an MA in Journalism from the AUC – sort of (she never quite got round to finishing her thesis). Her monthly opinion column in Enigma (Fe-mail) tracks her ridiculous adventures as a single girl living in the Land of the Pyramids. In this column she shares her disastrous dating stories, pokes fun at high society and mentions the word ‘sex’ more often than strictly necessary. Which is why, according to her mother, she will never find ‘a Nice Egyptian Boy’ who is willing to marry her.

Note the complete applicability of all remarks to the life of yours truly (except for the glam/high society bits). This, as you might imagine, has fully rained on my parade. Even my friends don’t think that I can write said book now. Even though pretty much all the accolades above are from her friends and associates, I’ve read some of her articles and they’re not bad at all. Already am walking cliché.

Poop. What will I write now? I like writing and I think I’ve got some excellent stories, particularly on the dating front (contact me privately for the most awesome ones). Can I write a book exclusively about faeces?

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