Youtube can suck it

Posted on February 22, 2008


I have to confess something: I don’t care for Youtube. I think I have watched all of four Youtube videos in my life – friends send them to me all the time and I always say I’m going to watch them but I don’t. I just pretend to. I ESPECIALLY won’t watch any referencing politics in any way – I find political humour unutterably lame and if I wanted news I’d watch it on TV. Mainly, though, I can’t be bothered for them to wait to load (ages here); the commentators are always screeching imbeciles; and the videos are never as funny as everyone said they’d be. I appreciate that they do good work, citizen journalism blah blah but just don’t send me that shit. Now, if you want to send me something to read, I’ll do that. Then I can read a couple sentences at a time while flipping madly to my other tabs as well.