Posted on February 20, 2008


For those of you staying up at night worrying about my romantic well-being: yesterday I had a dream in which M suddenly announced that he wanted to get back together and I was immediately struck with panic and experienced exactly the same trapped feeling I had back then. In the dream, man! I am willing therefore to accept the dictates of my subconscious and let that shit go. Sure, he’s lovely, but his jokes were always bad. Which is kind of a big deal.

On a completely unrelated note: newly arrived foreigners – and we can tell who you are – do not eat at Baraka on Brazil St., in Zamalek. I see you all clustering around there sporting identical expressions of relief at no longer wandering the streets and pride at eating basically street shawerma and keeping it real. Do not let the yummy smell fool you – even without a frame of reference the shawerma there is awful. That shit is bland, and they don’t even cover up the poor quality of the meat with a good amount of garlic like other establishments. They coat everything with enough parsley to choke a donkey. What is the point of parsley anyway? It doesn’t taste like much.