NOT Bitching about 2007

Posted on January 2, 2008


Pretty much everyone I know has, for the past few days, been posting various online tidbits to the effect that 2007 sucked for them, and they hope to God 2008 will be better. That’s sad. Well, 2007 was great for me, and I hope 2008 will be even better. I must remember to be thankful. Here’s why it was great:

  1. My family and loved ones are safe and healthy for the most part – even the various persons struggling with mental illness are doing well.
  2. I am healthy, despite living in Cairo and abusing my body ceaselessly, and even though there were certain things that could have gone much worse.
  3. My sister graduated from university with highest honours, even though it would have been more than excusable for her to have failed.
  4. I moved out to Zamalek, which has already brought logistical pleasures. You know how logistics are everything for me.
  5. I am still quite gainfully employed, and just the other day was given a pretty sick bonus.
  6. I had two great vacations: in London and Dubai, neither of which are places I have ever been before.
  7. I did That Thing that I have wanted to do forever and discovered that I don’t like it, which settles things nicely.
  8. I got a bit better at poker, and a lot better at scrabble. My lack of prowess at charades is still a standing joke though.
  9. I made a lot of excellent new friends. You know who you are. I think they balance out that one I lost.
  10. I got an ipod. I love my ipod a lot.
  11. I drank Gold Label whiskey. That shit is amazing – it was like drinking women or something. Other substances have also brought me good times.
  12. I popularized the use of the word “pimp” as both a noun and an adjective amongst my intimates.
  13. I joined the gym and actually go, for the first time ever. Sure, I’m also still fatter than ever, but that’s a side point.

OK, so my romantic life has sucked rather intensely, but no permanent damage has been sustained, which is all anyone can really hope for.

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