Looking at ’08 from Q8

Posted on December 26, 2007


Yes, the radio silence has been because Kuwait is a bit like a sound-proof chamber: everything that comes out of it is too muffled to be heard. On setting foot on its marble-tiled shores a person feels that nothing about it could be of the least interest to anyone else. I look around, try to see things through the eyes of a stranger, make comments…and they trickle out of my head quietly even before they form. That and I’m still mulling heavily over the self-indulgent nature of the blog.

To while away the time that ticks past with a slowness never before noticed, I’ve been compiling some new year’s resolutions. I don’t normally bother with these because of my oft-mentioned lack of will power, so I’ve picked some that I really think can be achieved, and am posting them here to taunt me – and feel free to critique, I’ve retired my “tearing-negative-commentators-new-assholes” scythe for the next while.

  1. Learn to pay more attention to detail. Otherwise my career will come to a screeching halt, and soon.
  2. Go back to weighing 58 kg (I had to bring that up from the 53 the asshole fitness guy at the gym had already written down). Achievable because Zamalek residence ensures eating at home.
  3. Adopt the approach to relationships proposed by a friend and ridiculed by me: be friends with guys first.
  4. Sign up for, study for, and take the New York Bar exam in June.

OK, that last sounds sketchy, especially considering the 30% pass rate, and the expense of the trip to NY and the distance prep course. They send you an ipod with the lectures on and you have to send it back after! But I have to do it now before the torrent of legal information flowing out of my head quite finishes. Just today I was SEARCHING through my head for the term “public domain”!

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