Things dudes shouldn’t say part III

Posted on December 4, 2007


I have pretty strong ideas on male expression, as you can see. But so does T. Shahin…yesterday I was telling him that a guy I once dated would involuntarily sigh whenever I was anywhere around him, even just seated next to him. Sometimes when I just looked at him. He couldn’t hear himself doing it. Anyway, T thought that was gay.
This firm stand was I think compromised by the following remark: “I think Donald Duck is the most multi-layered characters in fiction.” And he was both serious and sober with it.
“Dude…don’t say that to chicks. And you have him on your desktop background too!”
“I don’t care! He’s the man.”

Now, I don’t think a love of Donald Duck is gay, of course. It’s just…there are way better characters in the global body of fiction out there. T reads, he does – we had a lovely chat about Noam Chomsky. I don’t know. Can you girls weigh in? Would such a remark diminish a dude’s chances for you or not?
I’m not a fan of being yourself with the opposite sex, especially at first – that said, I can rarely ever prevent myself from doing so, to my frequent detriment. I mean, I know the last guy I went out with said I was “a constant surprise” but that has a fairly ominous ring.