El avocato

Posted on October 9, 2007


I recently came a step closer to accepting my fate as an Egyptian corporate lawyer by ordering for myself my own full set of laws – although to appease my conscience I also bought all the criminal laws and personal status laws (which are family law essentially). These are cheap blue volumes published by Al Amiria Press, which I believe to be the government printing press nationalized by the Khedive Tawfik. The reason I had to purchase my own set is that I got sick of borrowing them from the library, having them be out or lost or whatever, or simply just too slow in coming (yes, people bring things to me). Having taken possession of my new treasures, I spent a goodly time labeling each with my name and placing special signs on a specific page in case anyone steals my codes and rips the title page off. A colleague of mine watching me do this approved.

“We would steal eyeliner from your eye,” she said. An Egyptian phrase, by the way.

“I’m glad that’s out in the open,” I said.

Well. If you want me to look anything up, I have them handy. In my locked closet. At least it now contains something other than shoes and ketchup.

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