Is there no word for male "harem"?

Posted on September 11, 2007


I’m trying to think of something to write about the Sharm trip, but I was bound by the Code of Geographical Silence so many times that it’s safe to say they weren’t kidding. No one got laid. we all got pretty good sleep, danced and drank a good amount, ate a sick amount, laughed a lot, and bled money (some more than others). The homies are lovely and everything, but I am stocked up on testosterone for a looooong time. I was compelled to indulge in horseplay…hitting people and throwing stuff at them and threatening them with water and biting them and all kinds of activities I thought I had left behind at the age of 10, but which appear to still be current among men of 25 (well, it was just me who did the biting – I also punched people in the nuts). At one point a friend asked me if I would get his phone when I got up to get mine, and I said no. When he asked why I said, “Because your phone is IN MY ASS.” It was at this point that I began frantically calling my female friends, trying to gather them unto my bosom as soon as possible, so that they can tamp down this newly unleashed sophomoric humour. In fact in a few minutes I am going off to meet Spaz, who although ungirly, is frighteningly mature (but can boogie down).

They all recommended certain incidents for blog documentation which weren’t very funny, and spoke volumes for either 1) how weird I am/my sense of humour is or 2) their lameness. So here’s my selection (lots of things have faded though as a result of…a variety of factors, shall we say):

Rocker Broker Guy, in an air-conditioned bus: “If you try and cuddle up to me for warmth on this bus ride, my nipples will cut your face.”

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