On the saving of daylight and seats

Posted on September 6, 2007


So I’m off to Sharm El Sheikh tonight. This promises to be a veritable fount of hilarity because I am going with not one, not two, but FIVE male friends. No girls could make it for one reason or another, so I’m gearing up for appearing to the various authorities and bus drivers as a very loose woman indeed. I’ve been working on my Shabab membership for sometime, though. The other day at a party one of them was talking to a girl for a long time and I leaned over and said into his ear: “3eeeeeinnnieeeee” in a nasal voice, which is group code for “Hit that!” I think. Sometimes instead they all shout “El ninininineeeeeeeeeeeew!”. Still, thankfully I get my own room, and no boys will have to be inconvenienced into wearing pants or anything.

Already, a certain amount of confusion has ensued due to the fact that tonight we go into daylight savings time (or is it go out of daylight savings time?) prompting such questions as “Are we meeting at new midnight or old midnight?”

“New midnight.”

“So that’s 1 am old time.”

“If you don’t set your watch back.”

“And when’s the bus coming?”

“New 1:30.”

“So that’s old…”


“I’ll bring you guys sandwiches.”

There has also been shotgunning via text message, which you’ll agree violates accepted International Shotgun Norms, which state that you must be within sight of the vehicle when you call it. Besides, you can’t shotgun the back seat, which is what the boy did. I will challenge the shotgun when I get there.

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