Complete idiocy

Posted on August 7, 2007


I am phoneless yet again. I don’t think I deserve a cell phone, frankly, much as I love texting people. This one was a compound loss: first I left it at a friend’s place, and then I went and picked it up from him yesterday. On my way home I made a phone call and it must have fallen out of my bag. Sighing in resignation, I called it. The taxi driver obviously had picked up a fare to Giza and was already on the bridge and couldn’t turn back…all right. I agreed to call him today and find out where he was and we could arrange a meeting time. I was careful to mention that there would be a reward, and he assured me that he would charge my phone so that I could call him on it. I also told him how the last taxi driver had actually told me he was 15 minutes away, and then disappeared like a grain of dissolving salt, as Egyptians would say. He swore up and down that he was honest, that he could never provide for his daughter with haram money, his conscience, I swear on the holy Quran! the works.

But, of course, to no avail. I called him a few minutes ago and the phone was closed. Sigh. This time I won’t be rushing to have it cut off…after all what can he do but spend the credit on it if I don’t? Perhaps he’ll turn it back on again. But until then, facebook me or call me at home, I guess. Due to the frequency of phone loss I have a word document with everyone’s phone number on it on my desktop.

It’s almost a relief, exactly like that time I left my gloves on the subway. It’s time for it to have its freedom…it has tried so hard.

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