Posted on August 3, 2007


The Initial Public Offering on O didn’t go particularly well, but nevertheless I will persevere in marketing a single friend, one who I have known since we were both teenagers at AUC. Next up: Faisal.

First, he has a super cool name, in my opinion. In fact, many of the coolest things about him are word-related. For example, he once used the word “privy” in a text message. This kind of commitment to verbal accuracy and expression cannot be too common. Plus, it’s funny. He is also a man who once engaged me in conversation about “mantles” – yes, he can enter into whole conversations about the proper habiliment of kings.

You might have surmised from this that he is a reader of Those Kinds of books…fantasy and science fiction, which I am repeatedly assured are different genres. This is a distinction that makes no odds to me; but doubtless there are females out there who appreciate that sort of thing, and we have already talked him out of having a wedding with a “Dune” theme, so it’s all right. This interest has proved useful in trouncing me repeatedly at scrabble, irate though I am that words exclusively in use by weedy teenage boys have made their way into the general lexicon.

Weedy, however, he is not: in fact, he is the classic Egyptian tool be 3ard. He has the most sittable-on lap ever. A certain friend of mine thinks he is actually the “fittest” of my friends. And he is a handsome guy, and definitely has hair for eight people (you know how I am about hair – friends have taken to recommending men solely on follicular qualities). It’s fantastic hair, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

The thing about Faisal though, is he’s larger than life in every way. He is passionate about so much, and his enthusiasm for the most arcane subjects is infectious. Thus it has come to pass that I have actually acquired interesting information about – while not fainting with boredom – fighter jets, various online role playing games, runes, economics, backgammon, agnosticism, international aid, Maadi, Frank Herbert’s Dune series, photography, economics, Egyptian slang (he generally refers to us as ya she2ee2a and ya she2ee2) and Sudan. All my friends who have met him have been charmed and delighted by his funness and open, genuine nature, in addition to his skill at charades.

He makes a besotted, faithful boyfriend; he’s writing a book; and it might interest girls to know that unlike the rest of us he never overindulges in alcohol or anything else. He didn’t ask me to do this, by the way!

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