Posted on July 3, 2007


In my dad’s efforts to make life easier for the Piglet and I, he hired a woman to clean the house. This is a female who asked me why I kept leaving the house in the morning at the same time. I mean, she works, why shouldn’t I? Presumably, if I didn’t work, then I would clean the apartment myself. Presumably, of course, since my only contribution prior to her arrival was the laundry and an occasional half-hearted swipe at the bathroom. Anyway, she clearly loves turning door handles, because she closes every door in the house when she leaves. We usually don’t do that. Thusly, proceeding down a dark hallway I smacked myself in the forehead and both knees, really hard, trying to enter the bathroom. Fuck. I’m inordinately clumsy but a three bit injury is a new one. Thank God I have someone to blame.