Posted on June 24, 2007


Everyone in my office has his or her own filing cabinet. Mine contains only the following items:

  • Spare pair of sandals
  • Car kit (that tape you put into Egyptian car stereos that enables you to play your cd player or ipod). I don’t have a car.
  • A book called “One for my baby” by Tony Parsons, at least three months overdue from the library. It’s shite.
  • A bottle of ketchup
  • A large Ziploc bag containing many assorted pens donated by Former Toursim Girl on her departure from Egypt. I had to fight for these pens, and even then was forced to give a handful of them to the Conquistador, since it appears both of our offices are equally infested with pen thieves. On showing these treasure trove to my officemate this morning, she whispered fearfully, “put them in the cabinet and lock it!” So I’m going to lock that shit up now.
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