What doesn’t kill you makes you dirtier

Posted on June 18, 2007


Just an update for you guys on the fate of Little Bubbly…she’s doing much better here than I thought she would, although my lack of confidence in this didn’t stop me from making firm predictions to her as if I knew what the hell I was talking about. The reality checks I pretended to be sure about that have now actually taken place are: she now eats everything, even off the street. She takes taxis with great facility alone, and at night. She works in slum housing areas with equanimity (although she says she has to run directly afterwards to the Marriott Hotel to recover in shininess and next to greenery). She actually likes all my friends regardless of trendiness level, including the one who thinks clothes are merely a legal requirement. I found her a super cool trendy party with hot people that she had a lot of fun at (see, I’m not a loser) and dispatched M to take care of her there – I couldn’t go myself as am recovering from fairly vicious food poisoning (from both ends!). She loves M, of course, especially since she didn’t think I could catch someone as hot as him – and she seems to set great store on his having played university football, although he has absolutely no tales of being any kind of mac daddy with chicks pawing at him as movies would have you believe goes on in those circles. Although he has some good team initiation/hazing stories.

Little Bubbly even said today that she wouldn’t mind living here for a couple of years, had she found a good church. She made diligent, diligent efforts to locate such, as did I, but she says so far all the people she has met in English-speaking churches are old, while at Arabic-speaking churches they wear their cellphones strapped to their belts. This, I discern, is a fairly serious offence. Yeah, OK, so it is. But recently I was at a party and I met some super cool protestant people and recommended that she go to their church – but she seems to have lost enthusiasm for the project. Dubai, I think. There seem to be loads there.

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