Dubai Catchphrases II: "Pimping"

Posted on June 13, 2007


You have to say it in an Indian accent. Not because Dubai is full of Indians – I found less of them than I had been told there were – but because I had watched Russell Peter saying it on Youtube the day before I left for Dubai, and it stuck, even though I find the current hip use of the word to be wildly offensive and misogynist. Dubai is the only place I’ve ever been to where that can even be applicable…and plus all the Indian people there did appear to think they could get chicks with that accent. I said it all the time, testing my Indian accent on E. Amazingly, E found it funny even after I’d said it 395 times. We’d sit there in her car squealing “Pimping. PimPING. Pppimppping!” and laughing. Eventually, I forced everyone E knew to do it too, disregarding our scare acquaintance completely. I would poke people in the chest while they were talking and demand that they give it a try. Choruses of “pimpingggg!” would emerge from roving groups of 25-year-olds, at the water park, at sushi restaurants, in the mall, and at the club. I.P. said, disapprovingly, that “pimping” was totally not cool anymore, having been replaced by “rocking”. Rocking is so not offensive enough to catch on, I feel.

Ultimately, we were given the key to a correctly delivered Indian “pimping”. E’s coworker Sam gave it to us: you have to emphasise both Ps. Say it with me.

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