The financial community in agreement

Posted on May 14, 2007


Rona: Do you realize how impossible it is to find a guy with all of his hair? I’m resigned to just looking for a guy who’s balding gracefully.
Me: But why? We’re young!
Rona: It’s the genes.
Me: Who do we know that’s balding gracefully?
Rona: None of our friends, but some guys who look hot with baldness exist! If they have non-bumpy heads, and already hot features then the skin-head look works.
Me: Only if the shave is so close you almost can’t tell.
Rona: Exactly…that doesn’t apply to any of the guys we know, largely because of the “already hot features” criteria.

There you have it. It’s not just me who laments the poor gene pool into which I was born.