Annoying things on my facebook today

Posted on May 11, 2007


  1. Someone creating a fan group for a place called the JC Cafe. Although it doesn’t explicitly say so on the website, this is a cafe exclusively patronized and run by Christians. JC apparently stands for “Just Come” but really it’s meant to stand for Jesus Christ. I don’t want to slander the place – presumably they wouldn’t turn anyone out or make them feel unwelcome – but the xenophobic concept itself is repellent to me.
  2. The use of the phrase “my habibi”. You want to date foreigners and teach them Arabic endearments, do it correctly.
  3. Several plural’s involving the use of apostrophe’s. You would think university graduate’s would know better.
  4. The creation of a fan group for one of the most annoying people in the WORLD, who amusingly enough once unknowingly paid a transvestite for a blow job. I met him at church.
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