Posted on May 5, 2007


It occurred to me yesterday, not for the first time, that I know a lot of bloggers. Shit, I’ve even dated a couple of them. Amnesiac, Will E., Sandmonkey, Maxxed Out, Cairo Jester, Ramblefishing, Spaz, Zoss, W, Cairo Freeze, Faisal, Gayyash, Omar Kamel, Reverse Exodus, Magnoona, Zed-tastic, The Pac, Asad, Feshfesh, Chi and more…these are all people I have met, or even routinely hang out with. Many of them were pre-existing friends or acquaintances of mine…but the rest I definitely met through the Internets. Which I don’t think has swung around to being cool yet, am I right?

And even more disturbingly, I know about a lot of bloggers: I can visually recognize them even if we’ve never spoken, or I know their names, or who they’re dating, etc. I assume such information is available to them, also. Even the ones abroad. It’s all very unsettling…except for the fact that everyone I have met has been interesting, at the very least, and the blog has otherwise put me in the way of meeting a lot of other interesting people through bloggers, going to cool places, working on amusing projects, being offered job interviews, etc. Of course, it’s not great that people at work read this, as well as an ex’s next girlfriend, apparently (hi!)…but ultimately, the closing-in of the blogging “community” has generally been good to me, nerdy as it is.

I still expect it to turn creepy soon, though. Especially if I don’t pick up the quality of my blog posts.

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