Call Log

Posted on March 27, 2007


In addition to blogging on an hourly basis, Sandmonkey recovered sufficiently from his despondence yesterday to call me frequently to report on the goings on out and about the city victorious, which he blogged about here and here. Other talebearers included a co-worker of mine, a gentleman whose language and morals have taken a serious decline since he made my acquaintance. Such language was, of course, aptly employed in discussing the sorry state of this country. All over this city, probably, demure persons of any degree of spine are pontificating volubly in the sort of terms that microbus drivers hesitate to use. However, this particular young man actually came to inquire whether it was true that my uncle, a garrulous and charismatic activist, had mysteriously disappeared on his way to Port Said. This sounded like a likely tale, as he is from there. On a side note, I once accompanied my uncle and his family to that revered colonial outpost (did you know that in the days of the Empire Port Said was the place to obtain filthy postcards?) and was appalled to find that every inch of that one-horse town was coated in the faeces of said horse, flattened into little patties from which bits of undigested hay extruded. I haven’t been there since.

But getting back to yesterday’s events – in apprehension I called my cousin to determine the accuracy of the tale, my mother’s family being altogether too placid to raise an alarm should a kidnapping take place. He laughed for twenty minutes and told me it was a rumour. Generally speaking, they have all taken being spied on by various government operatives in very good part.

I am busy and un-internetted for the most part these days, and have taken to writing blog posts on odd bits of paper in the back of cabs, so internet nerdy am I. I still feel that despite more national events my weekend is worth reporting on, at least to cheer us up. We shall reconvene anon as I must actually go and earn my salary now.