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Posted on March 22, 2007


I haven’t celebrated a birthday with my family since my sixteenth, but this year the opportunity arose once again after several years of exile. My extended family assembled to celebrate my and Half English Cousin 2’s (I have a real gift for snazzy nicknames, haven’t I?) 24th birthdays, which are one day apart.

I was pleased to find that Half English Cousin 2 shared my exact ideas about the age of 24: it is indeed the start of one’s mid twenties, which extend from 24 to 26 after which you are solidly in your late twenties. I had previously argued this point with several persons, and so was gratified to find that shared blood does confer an instinctive shared understanding.

This understanding also extended to distinctly not wanting the staff to gather round and sing happy birthday or whatever odiously clappy song approximated that sentiment when the (seyami) cake was brought out. The Half-English Cousins are fasting, although non of us fully Egyptian family members are. Admirable, and the cake was disturbingly delicious. I took the initiative of dismissing the gathered waiters, having exchanged panicked looks with HEC 2. They dispersed in a second, not even waiting for family to overrule us. Prawn Head was especially disappointed – he was looking forward to clapping along rhythmically.

I also got prezzies, though I really think hers were better. Still, I didn’t expect presents of any kind from anyone, my immediate family not being into gifts (my never having received a gift is my rationale for not giving my mom one for mother’s day. This was widely not accepted by my friends, who I put this argument to).

This isn’t even going to be the last post about my birthday. I think we have a Peter Pan situation.

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