Posted on March 13, 2007


I am officially in my Mid-Twenties today, which show every sign of not being as fun as early twenties. I have so far celebrated by being around 20 minutes later to work than I usually am (which is 50 minutes late in total). Congratulations have come almost exlusively in the form of Egyptianized misspellings of Happy Birthday: Habby Peersday, Habby Perthday, and the like. Total ‘birds of a feather’ situation.

Birthday Wish list:

  1. As previously mentioned, anything from this store.
  2. The loss of 5 kg.
  3. To stop chewing my cuticles.
  4. To find a kick-ass human rights job that also sustains life.
  5. To move to Australia.
  6. To stop dating losers/guys I don’t love/unbalanced dudes.
  7. To travel somewhere cool.

Update: Officemate had a surprise party for me at work, complete with ruses to call me out of the office and multiple deceptions. I am the most gullible person on earth so it was easy, of course. All my favourite things were present: Pizza Hut Super Supreme pizza, chocolate cake with a biscuit layer, and diet pepsi. I am so touched!

Moving to Egypt was the best idea ever.

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