Hot Goss

Posted on March 5, 2007


What is up? Long time no blog. Not much is going on. The ForsoothMom is coming here for a couple weeks this weekend so expect the sound of two sets of grinding teeth to resonate around the globe. Numerous blog posts about her sheer, unimaginable eccentricity will be forthcoming. By eccentricity I of course mean “bat-shitness” but that wouldn’t be a polite thing for a person to say about her mother.
On Sunday I went on a date with an Eligible Man, and I expected bloggability to flow like water from that encounter, but it did not. Yes, that is how utterly bland that date was….even I, who have been known to write copiously about bowel movements, cannot muster up a paragraph about that date. I did find out, though, that there are more than one group of uncool persons out there who have a listserv where they “debate issues of the day” with their friends or indulge in the verbal equivalent of chimps tossing faeces at each other. Throwing faeces at each other about the issues of the day is popular also.
Post date, I had to resist the urge to grow a penis and ignore the boy’s calls. However, I womanned up and let him know that I wanted to just be friends, whereupon he pretended that he’d never been interested in anything else in the first place and abused me roundly for my alleged vanity. Men.