Posted on February 6, 2007


Some time ago I read a novel which put forth the theory that men are either muffins or donuts. Donuts are all crispy and delicious and if you see one it’s all you can think about all day and you can’t rest until you have it, but if you leave it overnight it becomes all greasy and the icing congeals and you no longer want it. Whereas muffins might not look as alluring as donuts, but next day you just pop it in the microwave and it’s just as delicious as ever, and filling too. You get how this metaphor applies to men, I assume.

This view did not find much currency with my friends and I, based on the following logical flaws: you can have a brand new donut every day; and both are equally unhealthy for you, probably. So you might as well go for it. Besides, there is an unpleasant connotation of having to settle for steady and plodding rather than exciting and fulfilling, AND have them both suck in the end, and I‘m basically too young for that. Right?