"The Saudis couldn’t find a moon unless there was oil spurting out of it!"

Posted on January 17, 2007


Have just watched the first episode of the hit Canadian show “Little Mosque on the Prairie.” A show is a hit in Canada if it attracts more than 1 million viewers, which apparently is close behind the hockey. So, wow, actually! As you might imagine it’s about a mosque, in the…guess!…prairie. A bunch of Muslims get together and rent out a church parish hall in small town in the prairies, importing a new progressive imam from Toronto.

I assure you you can imagine every bit of what ensues next. The imam is young and hot and has a twangy white-boy accent; more jokes are made about local townspeople’s antipathy to Toronto than to Muslims; ham-fisted profiling scenes at the airport take place; there’s not an Arab in the cast or even the characters; Aladdinish Arabic and Indian music plays in the background (hopefully ironic); none of the cast members can pronounce a ع between them; and some of the worst acting I have ever seen befell my eyes. One too many of those people have taken strong heed of high school drama teachers’ instructions to speak slowly and clearly and “make everything bigger!” The delivery of all the weakly comedic lines is at least two seconds off. However, the townspeople are a hell of a lot ruder than I think any Canadian could possible be, even in Saskatchewan. There was way too much “Let’s make fun of white people’s ignorance whilst showing how very normal Muslims are!” scenes. There were families ribbing each other and squabbles over food and avarice. It was all really heavy handed and not particularly funny – the quotes on the website show a wry tongue-in-cheek humour that somehow wasn’t there at all.

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