The following communication is meant to be of a humourous nature

Posted on January 17, 2007


I’m so tired this morning my eyes are itching. Or it could be too much makeup removeror maybe my eyebrows are growing out.

For your delectation (this is growing to be quite the theme):

NM: I’ve have a clichéd pickup line. Do you want to hear it?

Me: Yeahsure.

NM: Time flies when I’m with you. I think it might be cheating.

Me: You’re cheating time?

NM: No, time is cheating.

Me: Oh. I’ll take that as a compliment. Time flies by when I‘m with you too! (hand stroke)

NM: I didn’t mean you. I was just trying it out.

Me: (Take hand back) Ah. Mashi.

NM: Do you like it? I made it up right now.

Me: No, I’ve heard it before.

NM: But I’ve never read it anywhere, I swear!

Me: It’s still not original.

NM: I’m very happy with it!