Close dooce call

Posted on January 15, 2007


So, some anonymous person sent me an email saying that he or she thinks it unprofessional of me to post about my job, although I haven’t violated any rules of confidentiality nor said anything that was not absolutely true. The person also said that I am jeopardising my career, the legal community being small and it being easy to guess who I am as a result, and that no one will want to hire a “troublemaker”. Now, lawyers in Egypt have no employment contracts and as far as I know are not subject to Labour law and therefore I can be fired at any time without cause. The whole email had the air of being authored by someone who works at my office (or if not, someone who knows them and can, in effect, cause trouble for me). Thus, I have pussied out and removed any posts containing possible identifying references to my office – although I felt I had been quite careful in avoiding doing so in the first place.


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