Incoherent ranting: the American government

Posted on January 14, 2007


The American government appears to be playing an even dirtier game than usual these days. Oh, of course all the cluster-bombs and invasions and whatnot are desperately bad; but they’re par for the (American) course. Being a lawyer, it strikes fear into my heart of hearts that the constitution of the United States is being daily undercut. When it comes to an American government official actually condemning perfectly respectable law firms for defending Guantanamo detainees.I don’t even know what to say. They already have the concentration camps; they already have the arrests and detentions without warrant but somehow this is worse. These are the very principles the United States is built on the rule of law must apply. They might as well scrap the whole constitution if it doesn’t. Sure, the White House is trying to “distance itself” from the man’s remarks anonymously and unofficially. Where is the outright condemnation? So now no one may even defend these men, uphill work as it already is to try to do so without access to proper evidence? And why is it so important whether the lawyers are paid or not other accused are entitled to pay for counsel, why not the Guantanamo ones? Is their money dirtier somehow that that of a rapist or murderer? The government itself, which is meant to actually provide counsel to those who need it, is now trying to scare even those are willing to do it for free away. This alleged lawyer is not even doing it cleanly he is actually making the preposterous claim that corporations should not retain firms that defend detainees because those detainees are the ones that cost them money through terrorist acts. That is precisely what is being disputed! And surely corporations contain one or two persons who realize that money cannot be made without a sound legal system the main cornerstone of which is to protect people against a government that is becoming increasingly autocratic? And now they’re going to begin some sort of national shaming campaign of those poor people who believe in the tenets of their profession, if not in justice. People will begin threatening them. They’ll stop defending the detainees. And then people will just forget about them, quite quickly. No one will remember the monumental illegality of what is going on day after day. Even hard-line conservative judges are becoming alarmed at this trend.

I’m sure soon the United States won’t need criminal defence lawyers hell, not even constitutional lawyers. They’ll just have government lawyers. Only the guilty need a defence, right? Constitutionsthey just get in the way.

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