The cheese is coming

Posted on December 26, 2006


I have utterly and completely run out of ANYTHING to say that does not concern my breakup with M and subsequent events. I try really hard not to blog about abstract concepts or feelings in general because I simply don’t think I can pull it off without being Bedan Neik, but what else is there to say? Also, in his infinite perfection, M has offered not to read my blog so I can whinge in comfort. I have assured him that I think it would be disrespectful to write anything too intimate about our relationship, and breakup, but looking at this utter dearth of noteworthy events I might have to go for it. Would anyone be keen on that? I’m noticing that people seem to love “My Heart Will Go On” type posts. Perhaps a demographic I should eschew, but after all I should take what I can get.
Where’s crazy Egypt stuff when you need it? Hmm…well today I was in a taxi when the right passenger door flew open. The cab driver did not even bother to try and close it till several minutes later. I didn’t bat an eye either…it wasn’t my door after all. But would my door open when I came to get out? Hells no. Someone had to open it for me from the outside. Classic.