Wimpy blogging

Posted on December 10, 2006


It has become clear that I am a feeble lightweight now. Only two beers, and yet I am experiencing one of those mornings where every few minutes I squeeze my eyes shut in mortification as another nugget of memory pops into my brain like a Microsoft window. It’s clear I should drink only when alone in my room, until I regain the Dubliner constitution of yore. I’d like to issue a blanket apology to all and sundry, and I would also prefer if a release from future liability form was signed by all in whose presence I imbibe.

Under the influence of alcohol and basic native clumsiness, I also bumped my head repeatedly yesterday on one of those stretchy lowering ceiling lamps that my sister pulled down because she was filming a gangster movie in our apartment. It is to be noted that it’s pretty damn freaky to be woken up by a younger sister sporting a goatee. It made her look exactly like my dad, among other sources of alarm. As for her friends it’s gotta be tough trying to look like some sort of (male) thug as a mo7agaba. It doesn’t jive much with a painted moustache. Well, maybe a bit. The whole day they were filming I lay in my room listening to talk of araneb” changing hands. Our living room is littered with blueprints for villas to be robbed, and neat displays of past successful murders for clients to peruse (I think this movie was created at the behest of what is clearly an overenthusiastic Sales professor).