Lawyer quits well-paying job because of poor internet access

Posted on November 19, 2006


Not yet, but I effing hate my job. I have absolutely no reason to do so, but I still do. Should I quit? Not before I find out if they’ve hired someone else in my old job, right? Or should I give this one more of a chance before I look about?

Here’s what I‘m weighing:

1. I will never get paid more than 60% of what I currently earn anywhere else.

2. The work is not that boring. On an interest scale of 1 10, 10 being criminal law somewhere in the west, it’s about 5. I’m learning a lot every day. The refugee job was about 8.

3. I have health insurance here. I have a lot of dodgy bits that need upkeep. No health insurance at my old job.

4. The people here are nice, but the people at the other place were nicer.

5. The hours are the same so far.

6. The bathrooms here are really nice and I have my own phone and office supplies.

7. Most important disadvantage of here: NO INTERNET. This galls me to the bone. However, if I bring in my laptop I can get on the net. My laptop has an iffy fan and is being fixed, and I will need a wireless card. But after that I‘d be fine.

8. I have to dress much more formally for this job than any in human rights.

9. Important: if I ever want to work in Dubai (am interested in there), or in most places around the world, my experience here will be in much more demand. However, if I stick to human rights law, there are far less opportunities. It depends on the country though.

10. This is really the top of the Egyptian legal ladder. If I quit, and eventually want to come back to corporate law, I will have to settle for second- or third-best.

11. I’m very young and unmarried still, and this would be the best time in my life to do low-paying but fulfilling work. I won’t be able to afford it later in life.

12. I specialized in immigration and refugee law in law school, but know next to nothing about corporate commercial law and am floundering. Learning opportunity or waste of education?

I’m expecting to hear a lot of responses along the lines of “you’re a total pussy for wanting to leave that good job“, but still, let’s hear it. I’m willing to take guidance from anonymous people around the world.

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