Insider Shout Out

Posted on October 31, 2006


On Sunday, two of my best friends (and occasional bloggers) announced – in the most unlikely fashion over beer and very poor shisha – that they were getting married! I actually fully thought at first that they had read the fat7a because they were starting a business, so implausible was such an announcement. Plus, they kept it from us for ages and ages that such a step was even in the offing, the bitches! So I’m all excited now that people I’m actually friends with are doing this stupendously grown-up shit, especially two people I have yet to see wear a pair of closed shoes. I squealed and asked, “I hope the word hitched was not used in the proposal?” So much shopping! So much drinking!

Mabrook awi awi, guys, and I’m really, really happy for you. Gamdeen neik and say3een fashkh. A77a!

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