Posted on October 30, 2006


Today one of Egypt’s worst taxi experiences befell me – my taxi broke down in the middle of the Azhar tunnel. Flat tire. Immediately a massive line of cars formed behind the taxi, beeping furiously as if they couldn’t just move into the other lane. The driver had to get out and give some sort of ceremonial wave in the dim orange light to indicate that he wasn’t just being a punk or something and that they had permission to continue about their business. I just sat in the car and read while he changed the tire, as there would have been no point in trying to catch another taxi inside the tunnel.

When we had come out of the tunnel the taxi driver said to me in perfect seriousness, “Shofty el 3arabeya we elet el asl! To2af beya fil nafa2! Ma7na konna bara, ma we2fetsh leh…di awsakh 3arabeya rekebtaha ma 3amaletsh fiya keda. Tab kanet to2af barra…dana maknotesh shayef el masameer wel 3arabeya we23et minni maretein!

I didn’t know if he was a bit crazy or trying to be funny so I laughed cautiously. His expression did not change. He was probably still thinking about vehicular betrayal.

I like slightly nutso people. And I was regrettably still early for work.

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