Posted on October 17, 2006


I met Mohammed el Sharkawy recently, the activist who was sexually assaulted in an Egyptian police station and later imprisoned for months last April. I would link, but where to? BITCHES! He is suing several government offices for torture, sexual assault (I believe the particular offence here translates into rending of honour), detention without charge, and a whole bunch of other things. As a result, no one from Kasr el Nil police station wants to mess with him, even legitimately, lest they become implicated in one of his suits and charges. I will say, he’s taken the whole thing with immense bravery and a stoic sense of humour. It’s not everyone who can joke about their own humiliation like that. He also has really great pecs. Which is neither here nor there, but generally helps the cause of activism (at least to me).

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