Equal opportunity

Posted on October 11, 2006


Something that amused me to the core of my being that happened yesterday…

So my friends and I are sitting at our ahwa in West el Balad. An old woman comes round to our table and drops something. I pick it up and, lo and behold, it is a tiny calendar with a picture of the Virgin Mary and a bible verse on it (Isaiah 12:2: For I have been saved…particularly controversial choice I thought). She goes round to the other tables, all of whom get little booklets of Quran. We got the Virgin one because we were three unveiled women, and she ding-dinged-dinged! with me at least. I was so moved by her business sense and sound marketing strategy that I bought the calendar, although protestants are usually deeply uncomfortable with pictorial representations and there are none in any place I have ever lived (except, actually, a picture of Jesus that my grandmother gave to my parents that my sister has hung up to cover a piece of cracked plaster). But I have been saying for a long time now that if wandering vendors wanted to really cash in on religious guilt they have to play on both sides of the fence, and I’m glad to see that neither Ramadan nor her own abundant veils deterred the woman from making people uncomfortable with lucrative results.

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