I hate Ramadan

Posted on October 4, 2006


I used to really like Ramadan, back when I lived in the M.E. What’s not to like about shorter hours and staying up all night? Well, the following:

  1. People getting off work and school starting at 1 pm – FIVE HOURS BEFORE FITAR, THE LAZY SUMBITCHES – and blocking up the streets unbearably until around 4 pm. I’m normally chill about being in traffic for ages, but the other day it took me ONE HOUR to get from Zamalek to Tahrir, a trip which normally takes 15 minutess.
  2. Not being able to eat anything other than fast food before fitar. However, the Sandmonkey’s never ending genius has resulted in the location of a place in Heliopolis that is open for shisha and food all day. I normally avoid Heliopolis, but with the wall-to-wall Copts it’s probably the best place to avoid the inconveniences of Ramadan. Will cleave to the bosom of my people as much as I can for the remainder of the month.
  3. The worst thing ever: Ramadan-based sexual harassment. There’s not a day I walk down the street without some motherfucker hissing criticism at me. A few days ago, one of the central security peons who used to sexually harass me the regular way when I went by commented on how my appearance was breaking his fast. I heard his vileness over my music. I ripped off my headphones and screamed at him like a crazed banshee, right up in his face, while he stood there open-mouthed with his buddies, giving me an excellent view of his terrible teeth. Yesterday, I was again walking in the street when a fucking schoolboy stuck his head out of his school bus window and shouted, “Ya faseqa! Ya fagra!” I screamed at him too, and one of his female schoolmates clapped in support of me (I think). What have I done to deserve this? Are we all to take the veil now it is Ramadan? I’m just a girl walking by minding my business, not eating, not drinking, not touching any man. IS IT NOT STILL FUCKING LEGAL TO BE A CHRISTIAN IN THIS ACCURSED COUNTRY!?

Is it the usual misogyny and patriarchy? Is it just sectarian prejudice? Is it just another one of the many ways that Egyptian society is becoming more and more repressive of the individual? I don’t know. But it is becoming more and more intolerable for me to live here and feel free. I will try wearing a massive cross, even though I personally find it idolatrous – maybe then I will head off remarks about being a sinner, although I don’t know what other avenues of hatred it will open. I’ve always liked that even though I’m a minority in my country, at least I’m not a visible one. That, alas, is fast ceasing to be the case – in a country where difference is never tolerated.

I can’t wait till Cairo sheds its hypocrisy and goes back to sinning openly.

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