Things you can do to help Lebanon

Posted on August 10, 2006


My friend E and some other people are setting up a campaign to raise funds and awareness for Lebanon. See how you can help:

If there’s anything you feel you can do to add to what is mentioned, please reply to the email (or rather, to forsooth at email dot com) with how you think you can help. I think this could be a good way for us to lend our support when we feel we can be useful, without feeling pressured. I’m sure everyone can be productive somehow, even if you are not seriously interested in politics, and even if you do not currently live in Egypt. We definitely need contacts abroad. If you are not interested in any of this please reply to this email now and I’ll make sure no emails are sent to you in future.

For those of you who are currently active, but not under the organizations mentioned above, it would be great if you would let us know what you are doing, maybe it would be best to consolidate efforts for maximum impact. That also applies to those who have heard of other efforts in the same direction – please send us details. If you are outside Egypt, this would be particularly useful.

We are working under the theme “Li Beirut” (For Beirut – reference to Fayrouz’s song). Now – what we are working on so far:

  1. Collecting Donations
  2. Organizing Events – proceeds go to Lebanon (first series of cultural events will be in Townhouse Aug 20-28th, details to follow)
  3. Producing T-shirts, pins, bumper stickers, wrist bands etc – proceeds go to Lebanon


  1. Event organizers: people who have experience in event planning and organizing, and would like to contribute. Also, anyone who would like to participate in the event organizing process, even if don’t have much experience. If you know of any event organizers who could be interested, but are not in this list, please contact them and ask!
  2. Sponsors: for events, or for donations. If you have any contacts, or are experienced in fundraising and would like to help..
  3. Sources for production of T-shirts, badges etc. If you have or have any contacts with people who produce giveaways etc, and would like to contribute in producing these items at cost price, or free of charge (if they would like to contribute financially), please let us know. If you have a source for cheap high quality T-shirts, please let me know cost for 1000 pieces + printing costs.
  4. Distribution: we need to plan a strong distribution network for the items produced in 3). We plan for the smaller items to be widely recognized as “solidarity for Lebanon” and distributed globally. If you have experience in setting up a local/ global distribution network, please get in touch. Also, if you live outside Egypt and can be in charge of, help set up, or know of people who can set up a distribution network in your local area, please let me know urgently!
  5. Venues: we need venues to host our events in. Ideas include Sakia, Azhar Park, AUC etc. If you have venues/ have contacts in venues we can host our events in, in September, free of charge or at a low cost, please get in touch.
  6. Contacts with the press and other mass media: if you have any contacts and can get us free/ very cheap ad/commercial space (even in the form of PR on radio), please get in touch.
  7. Contacts with celebrities/ speakers/ performers: if you have any contacts with anyone credible who can be included in our events, or can be used to add credibility to our campaign, please let me know.
  8. Collecting donations: you can simply collect donations from family members, friends, colleagues etc, and pass on the money to us. If you’re interested in this please email me so I can give you the details of where exactly the donations are going.

These are the crucial things we need right away. If you think you can contribute with any of the above, it would be great if you would reply to this email ASAP with what you think you can do. If you don’t think you can help with any of the above, but have other ideas, please tell me! If you don’t think you can help with any of the above, don’t have other ideas, but are still interested in helping, please wait for upcoming emails!

Er, I’ll forward them.

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